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Hotties of the 90’s according to Me!

Say what you want about the 90’s but we had some hot guys who were a part of it! Im not going to run through their biographies instead ill tell you why these guys stuck out for me. In no particular order, here’s a look at 10 of my favorites….let me know if you agree or who you would have added…here we go…

10. L L Cool J

Sweet baby Jesus… the way he always licked his lips when talking or rapping, I have no idea what that was all about but I didn’t want it to stop. That face, that body and those songs…ahhhhhhh LL Cool J  you definitely were “doing it, doing it, doing it well”

9. Mark Paul Gosselaar 

Also known as Bayside High’s blond shit disturber Zack Morris. I can’t say Zack did much for me in the earlier years but if you remember “Saved by the Bell: the College Years” you’ll remember that Zack beefed up by then and woof! I was wanting some steak. That playful bad boy attitude, the long hair. Mmmmmm If only he wasn’t all about that cheerleader skank Kelly Kapowski;)

8. Joey Lawrence

“Woah!” OK….I know, Joey was no rocket scientist but if “Blossom” was my best friend I’m sure I would have been caught stealing his jock strap ( Ohhh fuck off like you wouldn’t have…) How many of you remember his short lived musical career? No joke… look it up!

7. Dean Cain

Terry Hatcher, you lucky bitch! Oh yeah Lois Lane got to make out with this stud back in the day. Dean Cain was an all around nice guy. Even in interviews he always seemed genuine and fun. I would have loved too see what was hiding in those tights;)

6. Lenny Kravitz

This guy oozed sex appeal and cool. Every video he was in I though to myself “that lucky bitch…” lol. That afro, his piercings, tattoos and sunglasses Mmmmmm. Mr. Kravitz you definitely gave us something to sign about!

5. Austin St. John

“It’s Morphin time” yup… Red Ranger totally got me going back in the day….The muscles, the martial arts, the spandex what was there not to love? Go! Go! Power Ranger!

4. Ian Ziering

Every 90’s kid’s favorite zip code was”90210″ while all the highschool girls were crushing over “Dilan” or “Brandon” I was sneaking away to lala land with “Steve” the blond, smart ass, funny, jock with a heart of gold… is it hot in here?

3. Mario Lopez

Shovenistic muscle bound meat head with dimples “AC Slater” first caught my eye while he and Zack kept fighting over that fucking cheerleader. Later on he was getting under Jessie Spanow’s skin and soon enough he was in her panties…some panties have all the fun 🙁

2. Mark Walberg 

This hot mother brother gave us all “good vibrations” back in 1991, and who the hell can forget those Calvin Klein adds….. Fast forward to present time and Mark Walberg is a total DILF (if you don’t know what a dilf is stop reading my blogs..k thanks) 

1. Ricky Martin

Mr. Latin sensation himself had us all “Living la Vida Loca” This guy was (and still is) a sex symbol. Ricky Martin looks hot, he dances like no ones buisness,can sing and hes ripped….hmmmm my gaydar just ping’d. “Ricky Martin is gay” plastered everywhere, tabloids, entertainment tonight,millions of women in disbelief, tears flowing say it ain’t so. Damn right it’s so! You bitches have claimed almost all of my 90’s fantasy men this one’s mine and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Bye Felicia;)






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  1. Mel h says:

    I actually owned joey Lawrence cd lol

    1. So I wasn’t alone lol;)

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