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Orange is the new Black?

I don’t even know how to start this post any other way than by asking WHAT THE FUCK?

Like many of you, I was watching the American election last night and it seemed as though the news anchors and reporters were having a fairly good night. The odd Trump jokes here and there with a sense of impossibility that he would even be close to winning the whole thing. As the night went on, shit got real,……and fast…. the jokes stopped and all of a sudden CNN looked less like a news chanel and more like an improve sketch. Before I knew it the announcement was made, all that came to mind was “how the fuck?????” I’m still asking myself that now almost 24 hours later.

How the fuck does it make sense that a fucking schmuck like Trump who just 24 hours prior to election day was banned from tweeting anything because of his unpredictability now will have the codes to launch the nukes?

 America, Da fuck have you done now? If anything, last night you showed the world that America is still the ugly, egocentric, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic gun addicted power hungry self indulged nation we’ve been calling you for years.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama did more for your fuckery of a country than you will ever give them credit for. And in my opinion they are amongst the most inspiring and innovative movers and shakers of my lifetime. (35 years) 

The perception of you around the globe was actually changing. countries started looking to you as leaders and partners under the Obama administration.

One last thing…….Da fuck are you going to say to your kids about all this? teach them to love thy neighbors?, respect women and different cultures?, allow people to love who they want to love? support and build communities by using your own privileges to help those that are not seen as equals? to respect, love and cherish the planet? to be leaders? builders? How the fuck is that going to happen after you elected Donald Chump….a man who’s ideals embody the opposite of what being a decent human being is about.

You really fucked up America. that’s all I can say right now.



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