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Pokemon Go! Go! Go!

Straight up disclaimer I’m totally loving Pokémon Go! What’s not to love those little critters are adorable. Alas the Debbie downers of society are ofcaurse finding an issue with the new augmented reality game.

I’ve read things like ” Pokémon Go is ruining my sight seeing expirience” “hospitals are reporting and increase in people coming to the emergency room complaining of sore legs” “people can be hit by cars playing Pokémon GO…….the list goes on. Can you paranoid helicopter parent style citizens calm the FUCK down already?!

Stop your bitching for one second and listen. Look at what’s been going on in the world lately. The mass murders at the Pulse Nightclub, various murders by police officers on black civilians, Donald fucking Trump, ISIS….. you get the picture… enter Pokémon GO.

This game is allowing ALL people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, economical status and age to come together with the common goal of capturing these virtual creatures. Don’t you get it? People are talking and making new connections, laughing, wishing eachother good luck, CONNECTING!!!! They are getting exercise and exploring. What the fuck is wrong with that????? The world is in desperate need of laughter and fun, if this game can do that….. why the hell not just join in?

My own personal expirience goes as follows; cell phone? Check! Good shoes? Check! Shit I forgot to do my hair…. 10 mins later….. Check! I made my way downtown with my husband and two of our nefews, within minutes we are approached by a group of guys pointing at us and yelling “Ohhhhhh! Yes!!” Fear was not even a consideration as their smiles showed they were happy to see us. After a short convo both groups (us and them) wish each other good luck and our adventure continued. We must have hunted Pokémon, visited Pokestops and explored a few gym’s for a solid 3 hours all while talking to strangers and getting some exercise… honestly we had a blast and I’m sure that wasn’t the last time our team would be heading downtown to catch em all!!!!

All I’m saying is let your inerchild out get out there and PLAY….. the world is a serious stress ball go have fun throwing a few pokeballs  YOLO!




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