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So many stupid people

No one ever told me being gay was going to be easy, actually I often heard the opposit. “Why are you making life more difficult for yourself?” Or “I’m sure he’s just doing it for attention.”

The LGBTQ community faces micro-aggresions like this on a daily basis. I thought I’d share My top 10 (in no particular order) micro-aggresions that I have come across so far in my life.

Feel free to share your own stories. Oh and if you’re one of the aggressors, “Knock it the fuck off will ya!?”

10-“How do you know you’re gay? you haven’t had real sex yet.”

9-“So you don’t drink beer right?”

8-“Aren’t you sad that you’ll never have a normal familily?…..Well not “normal” but you know what I mean.”

7-” why do you guys have a parade? We don’t have a “straight” parade.”

6- “So who’s the man in the relationship?”

5- ” That’s not homophobic you’re just too sensitive.”

4- ” Oh cool, I have a cousin like you!”

3- ” I don’t mind gay people as long as they don’t hit on me.”

2- “That’s Gay!”

1- “Congratulations wheres your bride?”



2 comments on “So many stupid people”

  1. Cass says:

    Has little to nothing to do with your post, but i was driving yesterday and i noticed that the flag pole by city hall here that had the pride flag on it is now empty. I dont understand. Is there a reason that the pride flag can only be flown for a week and then taken down only to leave an empty flag pole. Call me crazy but i think its stupid. I am not gay, lesbian, bi, trans or fluid, but i do support people in the life that they were given and i dont see why anyone wouldnt want to be a proud supporter of LIFE. Rant over. Loved your post. Would never ask you any of those questions.. lol

    1. Phoenix says:

      Hey Cass thanks for your comment. Completely valid question in my opinion. We know that June is Pride month and it’s awesome for government to recognize it however I also don’t understand why the flag Can’t be part of the “everyday landscape” We don’t go into hiding for the rest of the year after Pride month. It would be nice of government and municipalities to show support 365 days a year!

      Thanks for posting, what do you guys think?

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