Step out of the damn box… You might like it!

Somewhere over the rainbow someones about to feel my foot up in their ass!

Light me up…. here I go…

I am so fucking annoyed with my own community at times…. the LGBTQ Community…. we bitch and moan (with reason) for the straight world to aknowledge us, support us and accept us because we were BORN THIS WAY. God damn it! (Btw go listen to Lady Gaga’s new album “Joanne” It’s fucking brilliant)… okay back to my rant. 

Go walk into  a gay club and count how many judgements and nasty comments looks and glares you witness inside our own little rainbow dome.

Give me a fucking break already…..If you want peace, if you want love chartity starts at home motherfuckers!

Who decided lesbians and gay guys cant be friends? Who says a twink cant be friends with a bear? and when the fuck did gay guys start thinking its ok to segrigate themselves from “”afeminate” men? 

When was the last time you stuck up for an LGBTQ brother or sister for no reason other than to support them? What if it was you in the line of fire?

The Orlando tragedy happened and for a breif moment we were one, sharing greif and providing comradery.

 LGBTQ communities around the world held vigils for the victims of that sick tragedy…. Have we already forgotten how much we need eachother?

I’m a gay man, some of my best friends are, and have been lesbians. Ive laughed my ass off with trans people and have danced way to much with circut boys…..stop treating our own comunity members (your extended,beautifully disfucnctional family) with such judgement and disgust.

Incase you havent been told lately and I honnestly say this with love. YOURE NOT AS BIG OF A DEAL AS YOU PRETEND TO BE! Lose the EGO and give it a shot…. talk to someone you normally wouldnt……connect with that person and see what comes out of it.

We want so badly to be loved by the outside world but maybe its time we show a little bit more inside first.




One comment on “Somewhere over the rainbow someones about to feel my foot up in their ass!”

  1. shannon says:

    what if there was a place where everyone got along everyone held the same values and just loved one another peacefully…ya right (*insert spit noise!) i think sometimes the cattiness is warranted- it’s not about belittling bemoaning or ego- it just is. perhaps at times of extreme adversity it’s all someone has – the glares the witchy stares and it helps to quench a thirst or put out a fire…i’m not condoning it, i just wonder when acceptance is acceptance and if you strike out in abrasive anger it fuels all the ills you speak of – instead look upon “them” with loving kindness, i bet it comes back ten fold! i fucking love you/yours XO #evenstraightswantinonit

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