Step out of the damn box… You might like it!

The sky is falling!… Or is it?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been watching the news while thinking “What the fuck is going on?” From the ongoing Sirian refugees crisis, global warming, the  Pulse nightclub murders, Brexit and… Wait for it…. Donald Trump is  now head of a major American political party. It seems evident that Earth is spinning off its axis.

The one commonality missing in all these scenarios is HUMANITY!

Have we as a collective (humans) become so scared, so self righteous, so self entrenched in ego that we can’t see the bigger picture?

We talk about LOVE assif we even understand what it means. Hell, it even has its own celebration day in February, yet we’ve lost our way, it’s a hard truth to admit but we have.

Do you think, if an alien invasion came to earth we would care about hijabs, same sex mariage, money or debating religious points of view…?

I think we can safely agree that “FUCK NO! it wouldn’t matter.” We would band together as a species and do whatever we could to protect our home (Earth).

What if I told you….there is an alien invasion taking place right here, right now. Even as you read these words it’s voice is playing in your brain saying “stop reading this” “this is stupid” “things aren’t that bad!” “There’s nothing I can do about it” The Alien entity morphs constantly in hopes of dividing us and has a goal to conquer us.

This alien force convinces white people that they are the represntation of planet Earth, animals have no worth and global warming isn’t real. It infiltrates the minds of those looking to find “GOD” and says it’s ok to kill on his/her/ it’s behalf. It justifies the rapes of women, men and children and it tells you to be threatened by anything you think you lack the capacity to understand.

Here’s my challenge to you in the next coming weeks.

Talk to 5 random stranger for no other reason than to connect with them and show them kindness. Even if they don’t seem to appreciate your act in the moment remember that the world is in a constant state of paranoia. This reaction is no shock and has nothing to do with you personally. The love we share spreads like wildfire so let’s light it up!”Love thy neighbor” I’m not a religious man but that’s one hell of a powerful quote.

Changing the world starts with changing ourselves.



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