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Your kids are little assholes.

OK here I go….

We’ve all been there, we’ve all had that friend or relative that can’t shut the fuck up about how great their bratty entitled, (I wish I could punch’ em in the face) kids are.

Before you start jumping to conclusions, I like kids I really do, what I don’t like is how some of you choose to raise them.

Fist of all your kids…..not that great…those little fuckers could learn some manners. Call me old fashioned but if I buy your kid a birthday present and little Timmy doesn’t acknowledge it or couldn’t be bothered to say a genuine thank you…guess what..congrats Mom and Dad….Timmy hes an asshole and your making him a big one.

Or what about this….you invite your friends and their little shits for diner only to find out poor little Jill doesn’t like what you’ve made from scratch and Mom and Dad give you that look and say “Ohhh she really doesn’t like potatoes…” and your thinking “WTF I told you we were having Sheppard’s Pie!!?” then as dinner is getting cold on the table you offer to make the princess something else but the poor thing can’t decide what she wants and finally she says it…..”Mc Donald’s” you laugh thinking this little angle is hilarious and the parents look at you and “Super dad” says ” I’ll just go get her a happy meal it will be easier, I’m sorry…” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What ever happened to “eat what’s in your plate and be grateful because not everyone has food tonight?”…diagnosis…..she’s an Asshole.. and mom and dad so are you!

In case you forgot…your JOB as a parent is not to live out your dreams through your kids or turn them into your very best buddies. Your job is to guide them and structure them to be loving, empathetic,  independent, self respecting, functioning members of society. Stop treating them as your trophies or dumping your own personal baggage on them. Love doesn’t mean give your kids anything they want….love means give your kids what they need… and sometimes that’s a wake up call… maybe like the one you just got…..Think about it.




2 comments on “Your kids are little assholes.”

  1. Jamie says:

    I will be the first person to admit my kids are assholes(all kids are). I’m not gonna say my kids are always the best behaved kids but in public they aren’t too bad, I’ve never left a store with my kids kicking and screaming or had to leave a line up cause my kids were being that assholy (cause lord knows if I had to, they probably wouldn’t be here anymore, or they butts would be really sore). If my kids don’t eat what’s put in front of them we’ll damn they are gonna be really hungry at breakfast!! I tel my kids all the time, I wasn’t put here to be your friend, you have plenty of those, I am your parent and if you don’t like my rules and the way we do things around here, find somewhere else to go but I can bet the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jamie, I think it’s about conciousness and doing or not doing things with the “right” intentions. I’m not advocating being mean to kids just for the sake of having that authority as a parent , I’m saying let’s do things for the purpose of helping our kids grow into amazing adults that can change this world. 🙂

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